Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just another day in the life

Wake up in the morning feeling not quite like P. Diddy, probably because it's 5AM and I'd stayed up late the night before toasting Cinco in the city. Stop by the lab, grab a double-shot of milk tea and 4L cold PBS, and I'm on the road to Modesto to pick up the pig brains for our lab tubulin prep (the second time I've done this in two weeks). The tunes run out after about 70 miles and all I get is some surprisingly on-message Christian rock and a pledge drive/classical music (Chopin's Heroic Polonaise, which reminded me of my Dad).

Got the brains, put 'em in cold PBS, drove back through SF morning traffic (2h), parked in front of my building with the parking pass my boss gave me. Wrote the Introduction, ate lunch, wrote most of the Discussion. My landlord calls and I'm discussing repairs with her as I walk back to the car and WTF?! Yellow envelope? THEY GAVE ME A PARKING TICKET! $75 buckaroos. Freaking city of B*****y. Get off the phone and I stare at this ticket for about 5 minutes and finally figure out it's because I forgot (in the dim light of 5AM) to scratch off the DAY OF THE WEEK! Yes, I'd successfully scratched off that it was May 6th but I forgot to also mention that it was THURSDAY today! For that they want to charge me seventy-five dollars!

Oh well. I hope the tubulin prep goes well. I'm taking a NAP.

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