Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birth/Death of My Facebook App

This morning I'm talking with a friend in my lab about how LinkedIn sucks and I like using Facebook better. So it gets me thinking, why not write an application for Facebook that lets you display a 'professional' profile? That way you can add work contacts as Facebook friends without showing them your goofy personal profile.

I think about it some more and grow more and more enamored with the idea and in the afternoon I change my Facebook status to:

got a good idea for a facebook app - developers, ask me about it!

Maybe one of my programmer friends will want to help me with the project.

So now I'm at home bored after work after TV and I'm Googling how to write a facebook application and it's simple, all I have to do is download a Facebook application called Developer, learn a little PHP and bam - I've got a Facebook app! And in walks my computer-whiz housemate and I'm telling him my idea and how can we make it so when you Add friends in Facebook they go into one category or the other.

And I'm saying, See, really all we need is an alternative profile. You can already set up Facebook Lists so as soon as you Add a friend you can add them to the separate list for Work, which has its own privacy controls. So you don't need to rewrite Facebook to make a new kind of friend category. All you really need to do is replace the goofy profile you wrote with a professional profile for a certain list of people...
... of course, you could just post a slightly less goofier profile to begin with...
... Hmmmmmmm.


Maya said...

i missed the death part...?

Samurai Scientist said...

Here's the thing, Maya - you can already basically set this up using Facebook controls. Is it really worth writing a separate app just so you can show them a slightly less goofy profile pic?