Tuesday, February 2, 2010

McCain Waxes Homophobic

Gay rights are a litmus test for societal values. It is powerfully telling that our society has failed this test with flying colors. Our clergy - a den of infantilized fools who never took the message of Jesus, or Moses, into their hearts - continue to lead a pack of rudderless baby boomers off a cliff of fundamentalist nonsense that weakens us as a nation and divides us as a country. Denying gays equal citizenship and rights is terrible karma, a total failure of leadership, and I do believe it will come back to haunt us in the end.

There's no better example of this than John McCain, the man-who-would-(sell-his-soul-to-)be-president. 'Don't-ask-don't-tell' must be pretty awful if even old-fart military generals are speaking up against it, but John McCain is using the opportunity to score political points with the religiously befuddled. In an about-face, McCain claims it would be too disruptive to our armed forces to overturn don't-ask-don't-tell while they're busy bleeding us dry with two hopeless wars. So, he's decided to throw the gays under the bus.

The gay rights 'litmus test' is clearly divided along generational lines (see graphic below). The alter kockers think it's disgusting (McCain); the baby boomers are confused (Obama); and for the younger generation it's a no-brainer. But who is the politician for the younger generation? Where is our voice? If we do not lead, we cannot blame our elders for failing to have a clue.