Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Already the pundits are declaring the vote in Massachusetts a vote against health care. What nonsense! The Massholes already have health care, remember?

The reason the Dems lost is that they pitted an droning woman with zero charisma against a hot guy who posed in Playgirl.
It's like going up against the Terminator, and throwing up the 90-pound weakling.

Oh wait, they already did that.

Also, the 'Pubs called in their special crack team of election-rousers. Those guys could get Californians to hate homosexuals. Oh wait, they already did that too.

In the long run, this one Senate seat ain't gonna matter much for health care. That will pass anyways, and if it doesn't I don't really care. I have a job, and anyways 2/3 of disease in this country is self-inflicted. The best health care plan is probably 'eat more fruit.'

I just hope the Dems have a better plan for Palin, 'cuz if that chick gets elected I'm moving to Paris.


Anonymous said...

Next time the Dems should put up an inexperienced but photogenic and smooth talking candidate - they could probably even elect him president - Oh wait, they already did that.
Maybe they should produce falsified data and destroy the real data - that would get people to even believe in global warming... Oh wait, they already did that.
I'm understand there's a lot of fresh fruit available in Paris.

YZF said...

I'm not sure if you read conservative pundits, but when Obama was elected, many of them immediately blamed McCain for being a boring candidate with a weak campaign. I'm sure you'd say that it was shortsighted and disingenuous to blame the loser and ignore Obama's message/appeal... so why pull the same move here? I don't profess to know what happened in Massachusetts, but when a liberal state with universal health care elects a conservative whose entire platform was anti-health care, obviously some sort of message was being sent. I like your point about self-inflicted disease, though.

Samurai Scientist said...

@Anon, yes, and I'm sure the whole Kennedy assassination was a hoax too.

@YZF, I am not ignoring anyone's appeal, I'm acknowledging it. Welcome to the era of the celebrity politician.