Sunday, August 16, 2009

Really Beautiful People

The cast and set of Mad Men (3rd season starts tonight on AMC) are so good looking, I always come away feeling like I've got to install ivory handles on all my sinks. A short (spoiler-free) intro to the show's main characters so you can jump right in:

Betty Draper (left) - Don's sweet, elegant, gorgeous 1950's housewife. She lives only to serve.

Roger Sterling (below left) - good-natured heir to the agency, knows how to laugh and enjoy life.

Joan Holloway (front left)
- sultry, stylish alpha secretary. When this redhead smiles, she gives Betty a run for her money.

Don Draper (center) - Mad Men's Ayn Rand-ian protagonist. The perfect man, he simply lives with no strings attached.

Peggy Olson (front right) - the agency's ambitious, creepy new girl. She's got more balls than the boys.

Pete Campbell (far right) - Mad Men's villain. Spoiled brat, alternatively admiring and jealous of Don.

Tune in to see watch these beautiful people every Sunday at 10PM/9C. Your eyes (and sinks) will thank you for it!


Margo said...

It's such a visually rich show, it's true. I see you're as excited as I am! Did you read the interview with Jon Hamm (my other husband)?
I like your summaries, except Don's, who is hardly the perfect man. He is kind of alpha male, though...

Hope I can stay up late enough, otherwise NO SPOILERS until later in the week just in case.

Samurai Scientist said...

Yes, I'm super excited! I saw the premier and soaked it up. It's like a little drug.

I didn't read the Hamm interview yet, but ya gotta love the Don. The (im)perfect man, perhaps?