Friday, July 24, 2009

What's in our wallet?

This is the budget President Bush requested from Congress for 2009 (from Wikipedia; the legend reads clockwise). I unable to find an accurate pie chart of actual 2009 Congressional appropriations, since these tend to 'omit' the war on terror.

Since America runs a deficit, the money for this will come from Americans who are just entering the workforce. It is obvious to me that our generation cannot afford to pay for all this and survive. My question for you is, what do we really need in this budget? What would you cut?


Sim said...

this is really hard on the color blind

Samurai Scientist said...

Well, I'll just say that I think it's ridiculous to be spending 40% of our budget on wars that we don't even care about... and on military technology that fails to win wars. I think we should cut all of that.

Medical bills are another big chunk... not sure how to get around that, but with an aging population this is a growing problem that we have to deal with.

Welfare, obviously, cannot be cut right now because so many are on it or will be on it (in the form of unemployment). Thank god we didn't listen to the Republicans who wanted to get rid of welfare... people would be starving in the streets.

We do have to spend money to stop global warming before the ice caps melt. That is going to be a huge disaster, within our lifetimes unless something big changes. Millions will die.

Shmevit said...

The only thing that I know is that we shouldn't cut social security. I am definitely not biased.

Samurai Scientist said...

Or scientific research!