Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Live Blogging the UC Berkeley "Systems Cell Biology" Symposium

I'm currently live blogging what's left of this  informative symposium on "systems cell biology" on Twitter. Systems biology is an attempt to get "big picture" information on complex biological phenomena. Cell biology is the study of basic cellular processes, like eating and dividing. Scheduled speakers:

Lucas Pelkmans, UTH Zurich: Population context predicts activity in human cells
Ulrike Eggert, Harvard Medical School: A combined chemical genetic/RNAi approach: new tools to study cell division
Charlie Boone, Univ. of Toronto: Integrating high-throughput yeast genetics and high content screening
Jonathan Weissman, UCSF: Biology without basis: functional insights from high-resolution genetic interaction maps

Tune in!


Anonymous said...

can you tell me the paper on the ribosomal rnase protection assay

Samurai Scientist said...

Hey yael, I don't know which paper introduced this assay but I think it's an old one... Basically you just digest all the mRNA in the cell with RNAse and the ribosomes will protect the actively translated sequences. Weissman was applying RNA-SEQ to all these actively transcribed sequences in the prion-treated cells vs. controls, thus generating a list of actively transcribed mRNAs.

I don't think the work is published yet, but you could e-mail him for the reference :)