Thursday, March 26, 2009

Live Blogging "Genetics and Evolution of the Skeleton" Symposium at UC Berkeley

I'm currently live blogging a symposium on the Genetics and Evolution of the Skeleton on twitter. Should be of interest to those who like stem cells, evolution, regenerative medicine.

Talks I'll probably be going to:

Craig Miller (UC Berkeley) - "Genetic analysis of development and evolution of the head skeleton"

Ophir Klein (UCSF) - "Long in the tooth: genetic regulation of stem cells in the mouse incisor"

Jackie Moustakas (UC Berkeley) - "Studies on the development of teeth in non-model organisms"


Rich Schneider (UCSF) - "Mesenchymal control of skeletogenesis during development and evolution"

Nadav Ahituv (UCSF) - "Characterization of regulatory elements leading to human limb malformation"

Ralph Marcucio (UCSF) - "Mechanisms that pattern the upper jaw"

Gabriela Loots (LLNL) - "Genetics of Van Buchem disease and role of sclerostin in limb morphogenesis"

Mike Sohaskey (UC Berkeley) - "JAWS coordinates chondrogenesis and synovial joint positioning: a disjointed tale of mouse skeletal development"

Bill Clemens (UC Berkeley) - "Evolution of the mammalian dentition: a 250 million year perspective"

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